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March 9


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My idea For Frozen 2

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 2:20 PM
ok since i have heard that not only is Frozen going on Broadway but it's also getting a sequel :woah: Progressive Blush  and i thought to myself man i hope it would be as good as the first one now here's what i'm thinking of for frozen 2 my ideas for it here we go it would be about 1 year after the events of the first movie Anna & Kristoph are planning on getting Hitch :wedding:  in the words of Jack Sparrow "Oh a wedding i love weddings Drinks all around" Why is the rum always gone? Cheers Drunk :DrunkBummy:  and it's gonna be in a week and during that week of planning Elsa in control of her powers and stuff she meets a handsome and charming prince from the city of Athens Greece named Prince Andreas he's smart, kind, and he's a skilled sword fighter and he is one brave knight and like Zoro from the mask of Zoro and robin hood and Wesley from The Princess Bride he is rich but robbs he gives to the poor and he secretly joined a group of pirates while wearing a mask and so on and the relationship between him & Elsa would be a sweet and a great chemistry with them kinda like Eugene & Rapunzel and which is what mine would be like with her and he would understand her and her powers cus he 2 is an outcast himself and the rest is a little fuzzy so that's what i got for my idea for frozen 2 and i like to know what you think and what are your ideas and stuff thank you for your time and have a good day and incae i don't see ya good afternoon good evening and good night grin wink  the joker abides              

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ptahaegyptus Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
First, I love your icon!

The Idea of a prince being a swashbuckling pirate/robin hood based out of Greece is a good one, but there needs to be a story motivating getting them together , so here's my plot, in your charming run-on style.  I don't think we want to use the wedding, since the Pirate meme is so much more fruitful.

DISCLAIMER: I scored 99 perentile in the GRE verbal, so I REALLY do know grammar.  No flames about the grammar and punctuation, PLEASE.

NOTE:  You did not mention a name for his pirate alias, so I am using Dashing Jack (since that gives the jelsa shippers some thrills unless Dreamworks sues, in which case we change tack).
Andreas has no reason to go as far north as Arendelle, especially if you have been to Greece and know the weather because its so d*mned COLD up north!  HOWEVER, Queen Elsa is being pressured by her advisory council to get the h*ll married, and she's making no progress because everyone so far is such an a**hole and Eugene and Kristoff are already taken and she's going through the list faster than through a plate of chocolates.  So the council gets together and secretly sends a letter to Andreas' father that he invite Elsa to visit his kingdom under the cover of "trade talks", but the idea is to get her and Andreas together and hope they click.  he sends the invite, and Elsa just utterly LOVES the idea of visiting Greece with all the ancient ruins and mythology and stuff 'cause she's a bookworm who read greek mythology and is just DYING to see the place and heck-its-trade-talks-so-why-NOT-and-we-WOULD-deduct-it-as-business-expenses-except-this-is-the-QUEEN-and-she-doesn't-do-business-expenses?  Andreas is filled in by his dad about Elsa and outwardly he's okay with it 'cause he's the "good boy" and "perfect boy" and never goes against his dad, but inwardly he's heard of Elsa and believes she's a cold b*tch and wants nothing to do with her 'cause he HATES the cold.

To get his mind off the problem of Elsa, he decides to go a-swashbuckling, under the alias of Dashing Jack, and while he's on his pirate ship he sees this oh-so-juicy-rich-looking ship and (not so coincidentally because otherwise we'd have no plot whatsoever) attacks the ship carrying Elsa.  The crew, for some strange reason that Andreas doesn't catch, fight back more ferociously than normal.  The Admiral, mindful of what happened to Elsa's Parents, is thinking "oh no not the h*ll on MY WATCH!" and tells Elsa to stay below and stay out of the fight, but we're talking Elsa here and she's thinking "My men are up there fighting and I am the D*mned queen so I own this d*mned ship and what are pirates doing on MY SHIP???" so she runs up to "help", only to get knocked overboard by a swinging mast carrying Andreas onboard (in style of course) the moment she emerges from below so nobody knows she's overboard and we get the audience thinking "OMG you have SO started off on the WRONG FOOT boyo!".  She is too disoriented to use her powers, so grabs onto a line that she thinks is tied to her ship, only its not her ship but Andreas' ship.

The fight goes badly for Jack/Andreas, who is impressed by their ferocity and he decides not to press the issue and get people hurt.  He calls off the attack, pulls off, and hopes the ship doesn't give chase.  The Admiral won't because his number 1 priority is Queen Elsa, so they both concentrate on putting distance between each other.  The admiral goes below after they lose sight of each other (6 miles at sea) and its "OMG I have lost the QUEEN and who the H*ll let the bad guys down below to snatch the Queen and I am SO F*CKED if I don't get her back."  he's really close to Andreas' kingdom, so he decides to pull in, inform the king, and get together an armada to recover queen elsa from the pirates.  The king would rather have Andreas do that since the rescue would be so PERFECT to get Elsa to like Andreas, so he delays, waiting for his boy to get back, which gives us screen time to do the...


Andreas' men pull a soaked Elsa out of the drink and she decides to play being Anna, a mderately rich merchant's daughter on the Grand Tour heading to his kingdom since the ransom would be smaller for just a moderately rich merchant's daughter than an OMG WE BAGGED OURSELVES A QUEEN size ransom (because Anna is the first name that pops into her head, and you have three guesses why she happened to choose that one, and the first two don't count!).  Andreas is impressed by her beauty, but he wants a kind woman for a wife and he doesn't think the circumstances are appropriate, but he does send off a ransom note.   She goes below and helps patch up his men, and Andreas watches and wonders at how gentle and sweet and kind Elsa is even to pirates, even though they are robbers and thieves.  (Elsa doesn't use her ice powers yet 'cause she's on a ship and doesn't know how to sail a ship single-handedly) But still they ARE pirates selling her for ransom so she's also regal and dignified and suspicously queenly only nobody believes that "OMG SHE'S THE QUEEN LETS GO SEND A MESSAGE ASKING FOR A BIGGER RANSOM!" .

They proceed to their Island lair (because Greece has so many islands they sell them off to pay down their national debt), which happens to have several temple ruins on it.  Elsa goes ashore and is taken aback when, instead of rioting and feasting on the goodies they grabbed, they take them to a refugee camp and hand them out to the refugees, with Jack/Andreas apologizing for the small haul.  The men have a meager feast afterwards where we can cue in a shameless copy of the tavern scene from Tangled, with Rapunzel, err Elsa, belting out "Nobody knooows what troubles I've seeeeeeeen!  Noooooobody knows but JEEEEEEESUUUUUUUSSS" (which disney actually will NOT have her sing because that would bunch up waaaay too many people's knickers, but you get the idea that she doesn't think being a Queen is all that much fun if your advisors are jumping onto your (very pretty) azz because she isn't getting the H*ll married fast enough so we're gonna use a different song which is gonna be so badazz that it'll get the Oscar for best song).  cue to Elsa expressing a desire to see the temples and Jack/Andreas taking the opportunity to show her and they get out into these romantic ruins in the moonlight shining off the sea, and all we're missing is Sebastian crooning "Kiss the girl (d*mmit!)" and its all romantic and it might be true love but BOTH of them are smart and sensible and don't believe in that cr*p, which is why they are SOOOO compatible. So they don't kiss but go back to the camp, where Andreas watches this incredibly kind and gentle person taking care of his men, and she goes to the log where he's at when she's done and sits down next to him and drops off asleep on Andreas' shoulder while he debates whether he really wants to "ransom" elsa when it feels like he's selling her like a bag of flour.  We might have him sing a song which is not gonna wake up Elsa because this is a Disney movie where a character can be singing at the top of their lungs and NOT wake up the leading lady (or anybody else EXCEPT the dead).


Unbeknownst to both of them, Elsa had secretly formed a snowball to knock down the fever of one of the men, and the first mate (who's a real douchebag because we need someone as bad as Hans and we don't wanna do to Andreas what THEY did to Hans) realizes its Queen Elsa, the famous Snow queen.  he sneaks off to the camp of a competing Pirate Captain who is a bigger douchebag than he is and tells him that Dashing Jack captured the Queen and if they grab her they can get an OMG WE BAGGED OURSELVES A QUEEN-sized ransom, and they break into a silly song about how Pirates OUGHT to act and how Dashing Jack is just RUINING THE FRANCHISE by GIVING AWAY the supplies and booty and that's when we get the reason why the first mate is backstabbing Andreas because he's not only a douchebag but a GREEDY douchebag, and because Disney needs an excuse to stick in a silly stupid song into the movie.  In exchange for the information needed to intercept Andreas'/Dashing Jack's ship and the location of his Island, the Pirate captain makes Andreas first mate HIS first mate!


The ransom note has been received by Andreas' daddy, and because the Admiral knows that elsa loves Anna to no end, he figures that "anna" is really code for Elsa, and insists that the king get the h*ll off his fat a$$, get it into gear, and get the WHOLE D*MN NAVY out there and get the Queen back.  His Andreas hasn't returned, so the king gives the orders and puts the fleet under the joint command of the Admiral  and himself and they sail out as we cue the CGI department to make the scene jaw-dropping awesome and the king can pull a Titanic-style hang off over the water from the bow pretend you're flying like superman scene.


Andreas has decided NOT to treat Anna/Elsa like a bag of potatoes (and OMG the spell checker didn't like potatos), and decreed they'll drop her off without any ransom, and because Elsa bonded with the crew during the tavern they are okay with it too because d*mmit if Rapunzel had her a gang of robber side-kicks at her side, then Elsa's gonna have herself a gang of pirate side-kicks at HER side, and because Rapunzel's hair is long-gone and Elsa still has her ice powers which is more awesome, AAAAND Frozen made more than Tangled SO THERE!  So they sail off from the island, Elsa standing next to Andreas with nice memories but secretly not liking the idea that she won't see him again.  She goes below and sings a song like Meg does in Hercules where she tells herself to be a smart girl and not believe in love at first sight and getting engaged the day after she met a guy, and you can tell she's mindgaming herself because she's vunerable to mindgames in general.  And I think it would be real cool for Andreas to sing the same thing to himself but only if its cool for you too Carriejokerbates.


On the way back, our good pirates are attacked by the bad pirates.  Elsa hears the warning and tries to come up, only with the first volley knocking elsa off balance and stunning her for the few minutes the plot needs to build suspense and all that.  It doesn't go well for Andreas' crew since their traitorous First mate has filled the bad guys in on the strengths and weaknesses of his former pals, so they have to change tactics and here's where we can stick in all the slap-stick sight gags that the sidekick-union says only side-kicks can do.  There is a big fight scene between Andreas and his former first mate and the bad pirate captain because you know he's so awesome a fighter he can hold off two bad guys, which means there's no way to get the guy into trouble so the girl can come to the rescue so in one of his (dashing) moves, he once again swings into action from a swinging mast to get away from a joint attack...

...just as Elsa comes up from below AND gets knocked overboard AGAIN, at which point the audience thinks "OMG if you hadn't caught a sh*tload of hurt from the LAST time you did that, you gonna catch it NOW!".  However, Andreas notices this, screams "ANNA!" while leaning overboard, sees that she's okay, and she looks up, sputtering and grins because love makes you forgive the one you love, only to watch his agonized face in horror as the douchebag first mate runs him through the middle abdomen from behind.  they, of course, do the required bad-guy pirate gloat as poor Andreas is bleeding out on the deck of his ship...

...just as the lookout crows nest yells out that the armada has just come into view, but because the cavalry-riding-to-the-rescue meme is overdone and they're too far away anyway, the pirate captain yells, "Let's grab the queen and run!"...

...just as Elsa creates a super-humongous ice berg that lifts her out of the water, lifting her arms to let her travelling dress FINISH transforming into her Snow Queen costume (a la "Let it go") as she rises above them, saying when its all done "[[[INSERT a dirty-harry-esque phrase similar to "make my day" that is so awesome coming from a P*ssed off Elsa at this point of the film that it becomes part of the lexicon everywhere Disney ships their movies, which is practically the whole d*mn world over]]]"

bad Pirate Captain:  Is THAT The queen we want?
douchebag first mate: yeah, that's the queen we want.
bad Pirate Captain: But you didn't tell me she was THAT queen!
douchebag first mate: would you have tried if I HAD told you?
bad Pirate Captain: No.  
bAD Pirate Captain: And you're fired.

Andreas' Dad, the king: Is THAT YOUR Queen?
Admiral: Yup.
Andreas' Dad, the king: You want MY boy to marry HER?
Admiral: it'll be a long and happy marriage, as long as he doesn't p*ss her off.

the bad pirates are in a panic as Elsa creates an ice army and starts freezing everybody's legs in sight to the deck, making the audience yell "YOU GO GIRL!" because, you know, we have been utterly frustrating them up to this point in the movie because we made them spend ten bucks to sit through this movie and haven't let them seen her kick azz or use her ice powers beyond one measly snowball until now, so we have to cue the CGI guys to make this fight scene ultra AWESOME.

HOWEVER  (wow, there are a lot of these HOWEVERS, aren't there?)

Elsa steps into the pool of Andreas' blood, turns to him shocked not realizing it was that bad, stops fighting , and drops to his side to cradle him and cry over him.  he's been out so he hasn't seen her use her ice powers, and he's too far gone to notice the different dress because his eyes are all on her eyes (and because this is a Disney movie, all the emotion is pumped into the eyes).   A shadow looms over them...


WHEN SUDDENLY...  (hah!  thought I was gonna use HOWEVER again, huh?)

SIDEKICKS TO THE RESCUE!  they all are on the mast, swinging, and knock the pirate captain overboard!  Elsa is saved!  they're in a mood to celebrate, but the rejoicing is cut short as they notice Elsa crying over andreas, and the rescue armada arrives and they see her crying and everyone is so sad because elsa's put her hand over his wound to stop the bleeding and lifts it up to look at it and sees the blood on her palm and cries harder as she puts it back and turns to him and he says "I love you anna" and she says "I love you jack" .

and she kisses him because she thinks he's worthy of her first kiss.

and her hand ices up and the ice magic goes into the wound through the hand she's got on his wound and it goes through the hole in his body and wraps around him and her and lifts them up and the snow flurries dance and Elsa's first kiss is just totally awesome and heals him and saves him and everyone on all the ships see it.

they settle back down onto the deck and they part, and suddenly Elsa looks horribly sad and Andreas looks at her and she steps back, pushing back tears, saying "I-I have to get married, and I can't marry a pirate, so we gotta break this up before we get in too deep. do you understand?"  And he says, "Yeah...", and he turns to face his dad the king and yells, "DAD!  Bring on this ICE queen elsa from that two bit north town aren-whereever!  but nobody is gonna take the place of Anna here in my heart!!"  (During which yelling, he gets a rise out of Elsa, which makes the audience thinks "OMG if you hadn't caught a sh*tload of hurt from the LAST two times you knocked her into the water, you sho-nuff gonna catch it NOW!")

And the Admiral coughs as the King nods his head and says, "Welcome to Mediterannea, Queen Elsa!"

Cut to elsa, fighting to not cry and regain her regal composure, and nodding to the king, eyes red.

And you can tell the King is really, really, REALLY pleased to say, "and I see you have already met my son, Prince Andreas"

Elsa:  PRINCE Andreas?

Gang of Pirate side kicks:  PRINCE Andreas?

Andreas:  Queen Elsa?


Admiral: Dashing Jack?

Andreas' Dad, the king: DASHING JACK???

Andreas (turning to the king):  DAAAD!  I can explain...

A SNOWBALL hits the back of his head! 

Andreas (puts hand behind neck, realizes its snow, and turns around...): Hey-yyyyyy

Elsa is levitating a growing snowball bigger than a beachball, with her patented lop-sided smirk on her face.

Cut to Andreas, looking horrified, muttering a  VERY weak "eeeek!"

Cut to the gang of pirate-sidekicks:  GASP.

CUT to the welcome ball/party for Elsa's (delayed) arrival in Mediterranea. Andreas' parents and Elsa are at the dais, greeting the guests and Elsa's in her coronation dress but her travelling crown is made of ice.  She is looking quite queenly and regal and reserved but very pleasant, and Andreas' parents are mightily impressed by her, exchanging side looks and whispered praises, but Elsa gives no clue she overhears it.

Prince Andreas walks up, looking a lot more spiffy than Hans ever dreamed he could hope, bows to his parents, and then to Elsa, "Welcome to Mediterranea, Queen Elsa!"

Elsa nods back formally, regally, "Pleased to be here, Prince Andreas." 

He sighs momentarily, then holds out his hand, "May I have the Honor of the first dance with you?"

Elsa puts both her hands on her throat, bows her head slightly, and smiles embarrassingly, "Oh, I don't Dance"

"Oh" he says, slightly discouraged.

Then she unsnaps her huge cape/train and it falls down behind her in a pile at her feet, and holds out her hand, saying "But I'd LOVE to learn!" while smiling at him like she did to Anna.

"OH!" he says, obviously more ENcouraged.

CUT to PARDONED pirate side-kicks in obviously ill-fitting formal clothes.  One nudges the others, and they all turn to grin at their former pirate captain as he leads elsa onto the dance floor, shows her how to hold her partner, and starts teaching her to dance in the last scene, to mirror how she taught Anna how to skate in the last scene.

She has utterly NO care that a Queen shouldn't be learning how to dance in the middle of a formal ball in a foreign country.

Because NOW she doesn't care what people will say....

She's just gonna let it GO.
I'm sorry that I could not fill in more details, since you didn't mention other stuff.  You may wanna fill those in after glancing at this.

I kinda dashed this off, and I really had a lot of fun doing it.  Can I cite your post as inspiration and post this as a deviation and at  

My mom was french, and she taught me that, when it comes to importance, the one who comes after the Artist, is the one who inspired them.

Thank you for the inspiration.
Carriejokerbates Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
thank you for your very very very long comment and for my icon =D and sorry about my grammar and punctuation and spelling and pulse i like your idea of the story very much and for Andreas's Secret Pirate Name Dashing Jack i like it i like it very much and i agree with what your mom said and yes you may and again thanks for the long comment and filling in more ideas for frozen 2 thank you and have a good day =)    
ptahaegyptus Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
I meant no criticism about the mechanics of your original post: I wrote the comment/story expressly because I found your post so charming and, well, just got into it.  
Carriejokerbates Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh i see and thank you so very much =D
Lady-Katsa Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
Frozen AND you quoted Pirates of the Caribbean? I LOVE YOU :happybounce: ...I'm sorry, did I say that out loud? No, I disagree! 
Carriejokerbates Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank You =D and that's ok =)
CelestialError Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Professional Writer
Wait what?  Where'd you hear its getting a sequel??? *these are good ideas btw.*
Carriejokerbates Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
thank you and well i heard it on my facebook.
CelestialError Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Professional Writer
Ah. Well, I've been keeping a close eye on it. So far, nothing set in stone. The only thing I have is Director wants to do it and the music composers do…oh and that there will be a FROZEN ride.
Carriejokerbates Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
really Awesome =D
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